Frequently Asked Question about PicFlips:

1. How much does it cost to have PicFlips at my event?

For pricing please email Ken@PicFlipsBoston.com Greg@PicFlipsBoston.com for an individual quote.

2. Where do you service?

We cover all of the Greater Boston area, as well as locations throughout New England.

What do you need in order to set up at an event?

We prefer a 10 foot x 10 foot area, but can be slightly flexible depending on the layout of the venue. We also need one standard wall plug. It is best if the venue can provide us with two 6 foot tables (skirted to match the rest of the party), but we have tables if needed. If your event is outdoors, please contact us for information on our generator and tent.

4. Do you do outdoor events?

Yes we do! If you need us to provide a tent or generator, extra fees might be involved. Please let us know if you would like us to be outdoors when you ask for the quote so we can work out the details of the logistics.

5. Can I send you a video clip and have you send it back to me in a flipbook?

Not at this time. Because of our unique patent pending process and software, we need to take the video clip of you ourselves. Our charm is making custom flipbooks at events while your guests interact and watch!

6. We are interested in using PicFlips flipbooks as a Save the Date card – can we do this?

Yes, it’s a very creative and unique idea! Pre-made PicFlips flipbooks also make great Thank You cards or can even be placed a few to a table if your budget is tight. At PicFlips, we make these pre-made flipbooks by coming to your preferred location to take the short video clip and then process the order in our studio. The minimum order is 50 flipbooks, and we have limited availability due to our busy event schedule.

7. How many people can I fit in a flipbook?

Let’s just say, as many people as you can fit into our display in under 7 seconds!

8. If we have 4 people in a flipbook, can we all get a copy?


9. How many flipbooks can you make in an hour?

We average 30 to 40 flipbooks per hour. This number all depends on the cooperation of the guests and the number of retakes and copies they want us to do.